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The ENMO® IT SEES plug-in – automatic alarm index creation

With the optionally available ENMO® IT SEES plug-in – a tool for the real-time detection of unnatural or conspicuous water conditions – the functionality of ENMO®hydro is considerably extended once again. ENMO® IT SEES analyses and evaluates fed-in data sets – i.e. classic water parameters and biomonitors – in terms of whether they fulfil the criterion »unusual event«.

ENMO® IT SEES calculates the alarm index from all unusual events of various severities. Each event increases the value of the alarm index by a value defined for the respective parameter. If defined thresholds were exceeded, ENMO® IT SEES generates a warning. When the highest threshold was exceeded, the alarm index reaches the »notification level«. Dynamic detection procedures such as the double-sigma test and Hinkley detector offer a sensitive detection of events in the water and thus also significantly reduce the probability of a false alarm.

ENMO® IT SEES was developed by bbe Moldaenke, Kiel and Hamburg’s water quality measuring network within the context of the research and development project “EASE - Development of Alarm Criteria and Detection of Major Incidents in Measuring Stations in the Elbe Catchment Area for International Emergency Planning.”