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ENMO®hydro - a contribution to the compliance of the EU Water Framework Directive

The European Water Framework Directive, which came into force in 2000, aims to achieve the good ecological and chemical condition of waterways in the EU by 2015. It should be achieved by using a catalogue of minimum requirements which also effect modern water quality monitoring requirements. According to Article 11, Paragraph 3 (l), the catalogue comprises amongst other things, […] any measures required […] to prevent and/or reduce the impact of accidental pollution […] including through systems to detect or give warning of such events.

ENMO®hydro is an extremely efficient system, which starts exactly at this point. Since it works with immission-oriented alarm thresholds, it allows the early identification of critical water input.
Thus, on the one hand, adequate counteractions can be initiated in time and on the other, continuous and automated water quality monitoring acts preventively since it facilitates the detection of emittents. Although the WFD does not yet mandatory regulate automated water quality measuring networks, the trend in this direction is clearly recognisable.