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More effective maintainances

  • You want to maintain the components of your monitoring sites efficiently and record all maintenance processes?
  • You want to attune maintenance to each test device individually?
  • You want your high demands regarding quality and flexibility to be met?
  • You set great value upon dynamic maintenance workflows and aim to minimize the administration burden?

The ENMO®hydro QM-module with an integrated maintenance “building block system” fulfills all your expectations and facilitates accreditation and certification procedures. It enables you to compile individual maintenance building blocks to a maintenance procedure easily and without programming skills. Maintenance workflows are defined in the form of maintenance templates in the worksheet of the same name. They apply as an execution regulation for test devices of the same kind within a measuring network. Maintenance templates comprise both, the necessary tasks and individual steps of a maintenance procedure.

Maintenance plans comprise all necessary maintenance features for a particular test device (such as intervals between repetitions or responsibilities). All essential data necessary for the creation of a maintenance context are referenced in a maintenance plan. Maintenance plans are created and managed in the worksheet of the same name.

ENMO Client - Maintenance templates
ENMO Client - Maintenance plans
ENMO Client - SOP

In case of maintenance plans with rhythm definition a planned maintenance appointment is created along with a maintenance plan and stored in the ENMO®hydro appointment calendar. Once the first maintenance process is completed, the next planned maintenance is created according to the referenced maintenance template and managed in the appointment calendar. Maintenance plans without rhythm definition are created manually and performed one single time at a fixed date. In case that a maintenance was not done at due date, the person in charge is automatically informed about this issue via the ENMO®hydro integrated notification system.

There is the possibility to maintain online and offline devices. In case of online devices a measured value is transferred and read in directly from the device. In case of offline devices the user must read all measured values out and register them manually in the corresponding entry fields.

The dynamic design of maintenance workflows allows pausing maintenance, as well as to skip or repeat particular tasks. Each completed step is recorded. Particular events are automatically stored in the log during maintenance. These entries can be edited manually and SOPs or other documents can be accessed (e. g. operation instructions) during maintenance. Additionally, log entries can be defined as maintenance steps including the possibility to enter a comment as a user.

Control charts are kept for each measuring device / sensor. Data is entered in control charts during the maintenance process. Measured value evaluation is interpreted in the corresponding control chart (e.g. trigger a repetition after an out-of-control-situation or the like).

The most important contents and steps regarding maintenance are created and managed in the following worksheets of ENMO®hydro: SOP, Control charts, Laboratory chemicals (management of reference standards and calibration solutions) and the maintenance-related worksheets Maintenance plans and Maintenance templates.