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Technical Data

  • 100 % web-based solution
  • topic QM (with nomination of relevant norms)
  • multi-tier-architecture
  • multilingual
  • modular and scalable
  • dynamically configurable module-based system
  • appointment management with reminder
  • OPC-technology for device communication (support of standard industry bus systems)
  • representation of device dependencies
  • administration of SOPs and documents
  • detailed statistical functions
  • detailed logging of device conditions
  • automatic multi-selections (provision of multiple reports with 1 click)
  • storable filters
  • Crystal Reports - support
  • modern, intuitive GUI
  • pre-configured user roles (technical personnel / maintenance, evaluation personnel)
  • connection to ITsees
  • partnerships: Microsoft, Oracle, SAP
  • drift correction
  • calibration
  • real-time queries of device data
  • alarm index
  • notification by e-mail and SMS in case of alarm situations
  • easy data compression
  • comprehensive graphical evaluation and comparison of different values (parameter, time, place, compression)
  • export of graphics in high quality
  • distinctive possibilities for modifications during graphic creation