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Our Partner - Water Quality Measuring Network Hamburg

ENMO®hydro is the result of a co-operation with Hamburg’s Institute for Hygiene and Environment. Thus, it is a successful combination of the best of two worlds: the innovative force of a leading supplier of laboratory data information systems and the approved expertise of an institute which has been setting innovative standards in the area of water quality measuring in Germany for years. During the development process, both partners were able to draw from a comprehensive pool of experiences: Hamburg’s water quality measuring network has been addressing the topic of automated water quality measuring stations for 20 years – both in its daily measuring routine and in different pioneering research projects.

The Institute for Hygiene and Environment Hamburg with its water quality measuring network has been monitoring the water quality in Hamburg’s reach of the river Elbe as well as its effluents since 1988. Monitoring serves as early warning in case of accidents and as prevention and observation of short- and long-term changes in water quality.

Over the past 20 years a dense network of measuring stations has been established for the continuous collection of chemical-physical measurands (oxygen content, pH value, conductivity etc.).

Four measuring stations are equipped with a biological early warning system. With Daphnia and Algae Toximeters the water quality measuring network has resources for biological effect monitoring. Automatic samplers ensure that there are always samples for a detailed laboratory analysis available as soon as irregularities are detected. Also, with respect to transparency and information policy, the work of a water quality measuring network is exemplary: on the Gateway Hamburg portal, data which is measured and updated daily is made accessible to the public.